Exotic New Aubade Collection 'PASSION CRÉOLE'

Thursday 21st January 2016
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Exotic New Aubade Collection 'PASSION CRÉOLE'

New Aubade Passion Créolé Lingerie Collection.

Aubade’s new lingerie collection ‘Passion Créolé’ is an exotic reinterpretation of a stunning Aubade seduction classic.
Passion Créolé will make you burst with passion as it turns up the heat as it is one of Aubades most seductive Spring Summer 2016 lingerie collections.

It has Mischeivous lace-ups which is one of Aubade’s most signature touches this appears throughout the ‘Passion Créolé’ collection. It is available in two stunning colours so will you go for a timeless Fleur Noire a black lingerie set with soft pink and white flowers or the perfect Valentines Day colour Rose Magnétique a sexy bold bright pink with outstanding embroidered flowers, Decisions, descisions...!

After all Aubade lingerie is like a second skin, part of our figure, our soul so make sure you choose it wisely as beyond being a tool of seduction its essential that you feel great in your lingerie!

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