Aubade 'Oh Shelly Shelly' is Flirtatious and Mischievous,

Wednesday 9th March 2016
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Aubade 'Oh Shelly Shelly' is Flirtatious and Mischievous,

New Aubade 'Oh Shelly Shelly' Lingerie Collection

Oh Shelly Shelly is flirtatious, mischievous, young and pretty,

she will get you under her spell extremely quickly...

The Aubade 'Oh Shelly Shelly' collection is a very light and scintillating line featuring a very sexy triangle bra and nightie. You will look sublime in the stunning glitterly jacquard lace which is lightened by tulle and finished off with a pearl in the centre of each piece.

It also has stunning silver sequins which will make you sparkle, the lace makes this a very pretty collection, truly romantic and poetic.

This Aubade collection comes in two soft and sweet colours, which will you choose,

Cloudy Sky, which is a soft blue lilac or the Sweety a delicate powdery pink,

descions descions...

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